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Advantage Medical Training offers a wide range of healthcare training courses for medical professionals and other individuals in Northern California. Our programs are specifically designed to equip up-and-coming nurses as well as practicing medical professionals looking to get recertified with proper medical training.

Basic Life Support (BLS) Training

We offer BLS courses for first responders, healthcare providers, and public safety professionals. Through this program, they will learn CPR, and other skills needed to help individuals experiencing a cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, or have an obstructed airway.

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Training

ACLS refers to the set of clinical guidelines necessary for the treatment of urgent, life-threatening cardiovascular conditions. Here, medical professionals will learn the importance of high-quality, continuous CPR and how to properly provide it.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Training

Our PALS training program educates participants about the standards of basic resuscitation for infants and children. This class is specifically designed for healthcare providers who respond to emergencies.

First Aid Training

We offer first aid training courses to equip individuals with the proper skills and knowledge necessary to provide immediate medical assistance. Through this program, participants will learn how to treat minor and serious injuries and illnesses and prevent them from worsening, promote recovery, and possibly save lives.

IV Certification Training

Also called intravenous medicine, IV treatments administer substances into a body through veins. Through our IV certification program, medical professionals can acquire the credentials necessary to provide intravenous injections and transfusions.

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